Zong RS 300 Super Load Offer Now Going to Stop on 20 May (No ratings yet)

Hello, Friends Today we are going to share you bad news for Zong customer who activate Zong RS 300 Super Load Offer Now Going to Stop on 20 May 2016.after the mansion date then Any Zong customers will not able to Activate that package no more from all prepaid and postpaid customers.because Zong has decided to launch another different and customer friendly package that will more attractable for all customers.

Zong RS 300 Super Load Offer

Zong RS 300 Super Load Offer Now Going to Stop on 20 May

Zong RS 300 Super Load Offer 

So,Zong Customers can able to activate Rs 500 Load Bundle Offer for all the time there is no action against this offer only Going to stop / disable Rs:300 Super Card load Bundle offer.if you have already activated this bundle so switch to Rs 500 Load Card  that will be more beneficial than Rs: 300 Offer.even Zong has decided to increase Rate on All in one weekly bundle From Rs:100 > Rs:130.

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The reason behind to Stop/disable Rs 300 Super Card load because of they have decided to increase rate on many packages like as you know Rs:250 offer already known and many customers also activate to much now Rs : 250 Increase into Rs : 300 after the few weeks.

So, Zong increasing their prices on different packages due to Govt Taxes has increased. they can not afford this package but don’t dishearted we have come to know Zong is going to launch very good and attractive offer for app prepaid customers after the few week that will be incredible offer in the history of ZONG .


I have discussed Zong RS 300 Super Load Offer Now Going to Stop on 20 May 2016 with this bad news you will not able to activate RS:300 bundle offer after 20 May and zong also increase rates on different packages but upcoming zong will going to launch good packages that will be more beneficial for customers.so don’t forget to share this post to your friends might be it will more helpful for others and keep connected All Tech Viral.

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