Windows 10 Updates Announced by Microsoft Today


Windows 10 Updates announced by Microsoft today.:In today meeting of Microsoft Windows 10 Event, Microsoft announced some important Windows 10 Updates and some other new projects that will be launched in 2017.

Followings are some Windows 10 updates that are announced for the year 2017. These updates will be available until February 2017.

Windows 10 Updates Announced by Microsoft Today

Windows 10 Updates Announced by Microsoft Today.

3D Paint.

Microsoft announced a new version of Paint for the Windows 10 users. Now they can be able to use paint in 3D format and can make their painting or pictures more effective than before.

To connect creators and creations, Microsoft also introduced a new online community. will enable the creators to share their 3D creation to the world.

Microsoft welcomes everyone in his community to share their creations. You can and create and share creation by painting in 3D by joining To know more about 3D paint, please visit

Microsoft Office will now support 3D models.

After the announcement of 3D paint Microsoft announced the second biggest update in the Windows 10 event which is Microsoft Office will now support 3D models and some new inking features are also added in the Office.

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Now Windows 10 users can use 3D models in a cinematic animation way and can rotate the 3D image in Microsoft Office like PowerPoint. This thing can give new life to the presentation and make it effective than before.

Besides the use of 3D models in Office, some inking capabilities are also announced by the Microsoft in Windows 10 Event today.

These inking capabilities include ink editor in word that enables the users to make changes in the document by using a digital pen.

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These are two important Windows 10 updates that are announced by Microsoft at Windows 10 event that held today. There are some others announcements are made by the Microsoft which are listed below.

Surface Studio to turn your desk into creative studio.

Surface Dial to work on any surface device faster.

Most powerful Surface Book.

Mixed Reality to everyone at everywhere.

Making every gamer an in-game broadcaster.

Windows My people that will help to stay connected with your loved ones.

These are some things that are announced today at Windows 10 event regarding Windows 10 Updates.

How to Updates Windows 10 Latest 

  • First you need to Go to Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update
  • In Windows Update simply click Check for Updates.
  • The Anniversary Update will appear as, Feature update to Windows 10, version 1607. Click update and the update will begin downloading and installing.
  • Another way to get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be by clicking “Learn more” just below the “Looking for info on the latest updates? In Windows Update.
  • From there you’ll be taken to a support page on that will allow you to download the ISO file to your PC.

Stay tuned to get more information about the Windows 10 Updates as it is just beginning of a wonderful world of Microsoft.


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