WaridLTE Data Gift Bundle Offer ;Your Perfect LTE Gift (No ratings yet)

WaridLTE Data Gift Bundle Offer ;Your Perfect LTE Gift.: Once again WaridLTE has launched another best offer for all prepaid and postpaid customer.where the customer can gift to your friends and family though send data Warid LTE Bundle Offer easily.here customer can purchase LTE Data Gift Bundle offer and gift them to friends and relatives.WaridLTE Gift bundle offer useful for those peoples who need data bundle very urgently and want to online quickly.even in the shape if your friend having the birthday and you want to wish and sent the gift to your friends or any want to surprise someone special on the behalf of the individual.

WaridLTE Data Gift Bundle Offer ;Your Perfect LTE Gift

WaridLTE Data Gift Bundle Offer ;Your Perfect LTE Gift.

So, Warid LTE Bundle offer can be gifted to both prepaid and postpaid subscriber’s gift to your someone special ones and surprise them to far Rescinds between both of them so take a look below as given instruction.

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Bundle Detail.

Bundle Name Price PKR Validity Days Volume Can be Gifted to
Hourly 10 4 hours 100MB Prepaid
Daily 10 1 50MB Prepaid
3-Day 25 3 125MB Prepaid
Weekly 50 7 250MB Prepaid
Monthly-Mini 100 30 500MB Prepaid + Postpaid
Monthly-Value 200 30 1GB Prepaid + Postpaid
Monthly-Smart 300 30 2GB Prepaid + Postpaid
Monthly-Big 500 30 5GB Prepaid + Postpaid
Monthly Super Bucket 800 30 8GB Prepaid + Postpaid

How to Gift LTE Bundle.

Dial *777#


SMS G <Space> Receiver’s Number <Space> Bundle Code to 7777
Example: Donor will SMS G 032XXXXXXXX Bundle Code to 7777

Bundle Codes.

Bundle Name Volume Bundle Code
Hourly 100MB H4
Daily 50MB D1
3-Day 125MB D3
Weekly 250MB WB
Monthly-Mini 500MB MM
Monthly-Value 1GB MV
Monthly-Smart 2GB MS
Monthly-Big 5GB MB
Monthly Super Bucket 8GB SB



  • No charges for both sender and receiver
  • All SMS sent to 7777 will be charged at PKR 1+tax

Terms & Conditions.

  • LTE Bundles can be gifted to Prepaid or Postpaid subscriber from Prepaid / Postpaid Subscriber
  • A Postpaid subscriber can be gifted only monthly bundles
  • In order to use LTE services, the mobile handset & SIM should be LTE supported. To get your LTE SIM, please visit your nearest Warid Business Center or Franchise
  • PKR 1+tax will apply to all SMS sent to 7777
  • All applicable government taxes will be applied
  • LTE bundles will work both on 2G and LTE network
  • The Gifted bundles will be non-recursive, they will not renew automatically after expiry
  • Postpaid subscriber will only be able to gift a bundle if bundle amount will not make the current bill exceed the credit limit
  • No security deposit required for Gift Bundles
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