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Update your Android phone or tablet in 5 easy steps.:Android phones or tablets need to be updated after regular interval whenever an update available for them. This updating will help them to perform better and to run applications in smoothly. Here in this article you can learn how to update your android phone or tablet in 5 easy steps.So you are reading full tips about Update your Android phone or tablet in 5 easy steps.

Update your Android phone or tablet in 5 easy steps

Many people face difficulty while updating their Android phones or tablets. The main reason behind this thing is that many of us did not know how to update their phones and tablets.

So I am going to discuss five easy steps with you guys through which you can update your Android phone or tablet easily.

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Update your Android phone or tablet in 5 easy steps

Here you go!

Step 1:

The first thing you have to check before updating your Android phone or tablet is which version of Android you are using. It is because maybe you are already using the updated version of Android. You can easily check this from your mobile or tablet setting and can also check any available update.

Go to your setting and then click on Android version, you will get all information of your phone and tablet Android version.

Android 6 Marshmallow is the latest Android version which will be available for many phones and Android in coming months.

Step 2:

After checking your Android version, there are some important precautions that will help you to save all mobile data. Make a backup of all the mobile data like contacts, pictures, important videos, etc.

Normally update of Android phone or tablets did not affect it, but there is no guarantee for it. So, it is an important and good step that should be taken.

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In many devices, many this can be done from the app bar or notification panel, but you can also do it from setting folder of your Android phone or tablet.

In many phones, the backup option is available in privacy setting option of setting folder.

Step 3:

In step 2 you have made a backup of all your important data, and now you are on step 3 in which the real thing start.

Open the setting folder on your phone or tablet and go to the about phone or about tablet option respectively.

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But is you have tabbed setting then this option will be available in general setting option.

Step 4:

In the about phone section you can see many options but click on the software upgrade or any other option like this. You can also check which version of Android phone or tablet you are using in about phone section.

Step 5:

After clicking on the software upgrade option your phone will start searching any available update. If an update is available for your Android phone or tablet, then it will be asked that you want to install it or not. If you click on yes then your phone will download the update and install it.

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