Ufone dedicates Ramazan advertising campaign to social initiatives (No ratings yet)

Ufone dedicates Ramazan advertising campaign to social initiatives.: Despite all the odds, Pakistan is not short of people who keep serving the humanity without coming into the limelight. They work silently, but undeviatingly. However. it’s the role of society to acknowledge their efforts and inspire others to take more such initiatives.

Ufone dedicates Ramazan advertising campaign to social initiatives
Ufone dedicates Ramazan advertising campaign to social initiatives

Operation Eid Child, Deewar-e-Mehrbani, and Khana Ghar are the initiatives from 3 different people who are making a mark.

Ufone dedicates Ramazan advertising campaign to social initiatives.

Ufone has found Ramazan a better time to highlight few such determined souls who are taking all the pain for doing something different.

The Ufone Ramzan 2016 campaign will donate free media space on television channels, newspapers, billboards and digital media to the three individuals. enabling them to reach out widely to the masses with their messaging seeking inspiration and support to their causes for the benefit of the deserving. Ufone has additionally also developed the content for this promotion on all mediums.

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All three initiatives have been conceived and are conducted by individuals in their personal capacities. These are being highlighted by Ufone to inspire similar ventures and to invite participation in the ongoing activities.

“The telecom industry is generally seen as spending substantially on its own media advertising, brand promotions and celebrity endorsements. With our Ramzan 2016 campaign we have changed the paradigm by providing media projection to relatively small but highly impactful initiatives,” said Rainer Rathgeber. CEO Ufone. 

“Ufone’s brand is all about U and these organisations are a role model for such an attitude. We hope through our lead; other companies too will be encouraged to come up with strategies to show ownership of social issues”. he added.

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The purpose of launching this campaign in the Holy month of Ramzan is to inspire viewers to support the vulnerable and underprivileged in their communities by either doing their own acts of generosity or by supporting the work of these three organisations. Ufone is highlighting these initiatives through a large electronic media campaign to share the message of goodness with all Pakistanis.

Ufone’s CSR focus has remained the socio-economic uplift of society, not only through its CSR initiatives but also through supporting committed individuals and organisations who are working selflessly for societal progress.

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