Twitter Live Video Streaming Option Button For All User


As you know twitter is the largest social media where peoples conversation envoirement place.where people can tweet their idea’s and discuss with a lots friend by chat recently twitter introduced Twitter Live Video Streaming Option Button where peoples can video call , and live video streaming chat with face to face with friends.this feature was available for limited user’s for testing It’s freely available for all users, everyone can use it throgh live video streaming button.where you can connect perisscope which helps you to broadcast live across the world.

Twitter Live Video Streaming Option Button

Twitter Live Video Streaming Option Button For All User

So,Whenever you want to start broadcast yourself. first you have to sent a notification to your friends.then you can able to live after the invitation.This apps is available Both of version Android and iOS app for can download it from app store easily.

Twitter Live Video Streaming Option Button For All User

How to access Twitter Live Streaming button?

  1. Frist of all you need to go compose tweet option
  2. after the click you will see the find live stream button on other option.The icon appear as permision to live stream you can find the live stream button on other option.
  3. after the click live streaming button the Periscope Apps will start and you gone live video of yourself.
  4. Note that you must have installed Periscope apps to acces this feature.(Recommended).
  5. enjoy it 😀


I have discussed Twitter Live Video Streaming Option Button For All User with this exciting feature now offering twitter after the Facebook , youtube.because there is easier way to access and convey the messages to the all friends.Mostly huge social media offering now. guys can get the benefits the free services from social media too.

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