How to Turn Off/Stop Twitter Email Notifications


How to Turn Off/Stop Twitter Email Notifications. .: As you know Twitter is the giant social network where peoples connect and discuss many matters. as far as we know these sites use notification services to ensure the connect your favorite topic some of the time we feel irritation by this services . .because some of the time notification comes unrelated topic.then we feel more irritation so we are here to share you the easy way to stop and turn off twitter . Stop Email notification easily.

How to Turn Off/Stop Twitter Email Notifications

So,the method is so easy and simple just follow properly you can learn to stop twitter Email notification easily so take a look below.

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Steps : Turn Off/Stop Twitter Email Notifications

  • 1.Step . First of all, you need to login to your Twitter account by login credentials (recommended)
  • 2.Step . Then after the login goes to the > settings > Email notification >
  • 3.Step . you can see the notification button on the right site just Turn off but there are many options below which option you wish to do it.
How to Turn Off/Stop Twitter Email Notifications
  • 4 Step . if you wish to receive selective activity notification by Email just turn on which is important that will receive you selected Email notification.After checking the required boxes click on the Save changes button and you are done here.You will now get the notifications from the fields of your wish.


I have discussed How to Turn Off/Stop Twitter Email Notifications with this simple and straight procedure you can easily modify your Email will receive selected Email notification as you turn on in the notification field if you like this article don’t forget to share this post with your friends.


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