How to Submit US Tax info Google Adsense New look Theme 2016-17 (No ratings yet)

How to Submit US Tax info Google Adsense New look Theme 2016-17.: As we know Google Adsense is the one of the biggest publisher/advertising company in the world.there are almost billion + publishers working with Google Adsense. because there are many publisher networks available on the Internet and claiming to pay High CPM  CPC , CPA.but, Google Adsense only offer huge CPM  ,CPC , CPA , RPM , and paying much money than other companies.but it’s google Adsense maintain their quality still this is very difficult to approve your site as per Google Adsense policy.So Today we are going to share you Most important tricks & Tips to Submit Non-US Tax info Form W8 with new rules regulation as Google Recently revise their policy.

How to Submit US Tax info Google Adsense New look Theme 2016-17

How to Submit US Tax info Google Adsense New look Theme 2016-17

My Sad Story about Wrong Method using to Submit Tax info

So, It’s my personal experience when I have to submit tax info the First time when I have to reach my threshold 100$ specific amount. then I have submitted through some guideline but unfortunately, google has Disable my account by Tag Invalid Activity.that time I was much disappointed due to lost 100$.Because The reason behind I have notice I have not submitted proper Tax info as per Google requirement.

Then, I have discussed with my one of Best Friend he lives in the USA and defines all situation he helped me and submit my Tax info 2016 as google AdSense changed their policy and their rules. now It’s 100% safe tricks / legally submitting your US Tax info in your google Adsense.I take guarantee if you follow as per our guideline your account 100% safe and you can withdraw your amount.

Learn – How to Submit Tax Info 2016 in Google Themes New look

  • First of all, you need to open / log in your Adsense account.
  • Try to keep old google Adsense Themes.
  • Then go to the payment then click on Setting > Manage Setting.
  • Edit on United States tax info.
  • Then Click To continue.

  • Select Beneficial Owner Choose Individual.
  • Check on Mailing address same as the permanent residence address.
  • Change city Name in “Thomas“.
  • The Choose States “Virgin Island“.
  • Put the zip code “00802″.
  • Set the Tax Identification Number. / Choose Foreign Tax identify Number.
  • Then, Put the Tax identify Number From Generate Through Website Click Here.
  • After open Tax identity number website choose the States Calafornia CA Then click on Generate button.
  • Copy Red Highlighted Number and Paste on Foreign tax identifying Num.
  • Last requirement to Put Beneficial owner / signature on the second Last line. put same as your First / Last Name and Press Submit Button.
  • Enjoy New Tax info Submit requirement. 😀

Video Click Submitting tax info


So I have discussed How to Submit US Tax info Google Adsense New look Theme 2016-17 with simple and easy steps you can follow proper guideline as mention above also I have attached a Video clip that’s would be more beneficial and more learn easier then Text.If you have any query regarding this article or any hassle then comments be Freely Through Comments Below. but , Don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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