Self Respect Sales Against Cheap Prizes in Ramadan Transmission (No ratings yet)

Self Respect Sales Against Cheap Prizes in Ramadan Transmission.: As you know nowadays in Ramadan many televisions started their Islamic types shows. they and provide some cheap prizes against for doing some unethical behaviour in the shows.

Recently I came across this picture on social media hinting at the Ramazan transmissions of Pakistani television channels. The picture exposes the give-and-take policy of media wisely practised during the whole month of Ramazan.

Self Respect Sales Against Cheap Prizes in Ramadan Transmission

The yearn for the highest TRPs makes television channels to produce some unethical and discourteous shows in the name of Ramazan transmissions. Thousands of people are lured to participate in these shows and to sell their self-respect in return of a cheap mobile phone. The sad thing is it is not hard for the greedy media to trap materialistic people.

Self Respect Sales Against Cheap Prizes in Ramadan Transmission.

Astonishingly. people themselves struggle hard to sell their self-respect on the cheap. After they successfully get passes of the show. they wait in long queues for hours outside the studio. And with the start of the show, the sale and purchase of ethics, morality and self-respect start.

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If we look back, the things were not as they are now. When there was no competition for ratings, the tv channels were used to be a source of information, and the quality of entertainment was not as down as it is nowadays. There were shows like Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz on PTV distributing prizes in the audience. But that show had never compelled the audience to perform unethical activities to get the prizes.

JeeTo Pakistan Shows Doing Awful Behaviour with Viewers.

Actually, it would be unfair to compare the renowned Tariq Aziz shows with the shows hosted by comedians like Amir Liaquat. How can we forget that ‘Aam have a?’ dialogue of Aamir Liaquat when he was forcefully putting mangoes in a person’s mouth?. It happened when the so-called scholar was doing a Ramazan show on Express entertainment television. If you have missed that here’s the video of that scene.

Amir Liaquat Shows ( Amm Kahne ka Tareeka ).

 The television channels earn millions in this month boosting their TRPs; the common men manage to hold various prizes, and businesses successfully evade taxes in the name of charity.

No one should be allowed to put down the reverence of the holy month of Ramazan to seek a personal boon.

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