Samsung Galaxy X Launching Unique Foldable Display


After the succesful celebration of Samsung S7 and Samsung S7 Edge now samsung has decide to upcomming model launch with the name of “Samsung Galaxy X“,so we are here to share you most desirable feature about S Galaxy X,so our topic is Samsung Galaxy X Launching Unique Foldable Display. i have come to know some reliable resources Samsung has planned to launching 5 (five) unique and fully featured smartphones in 2017 with the name of Samsung Galaxy X. > Samsung Galaxy S8. > Samsung S8 Edge. > Samsung Galaxy Note 7. > Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Edge.

Samsung Galaxy X Launching Unique Foldable Display

Samsung Galaxy X Launching Unique Foldable Display.

So, samsung going to release Galaxy X foldable screen and full of feature and bendable Screen.presently samsung working on bendable screens by name of “Project Vally“.

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Samsung Galaxy X Feature (Rumor).

The samsung going to launched samsung Galaxy X with bendable screen disply where user’s can easily adjust (foldable) bendable screen in pocket.many souces claimed Galaxy X to be look like Wallet peoples can easily keep in any pocket and more flaxible and movable inside in the pocket. If these rumor true so will become first purchaser of the incredible smartphone with unique and highly featured technology.even there is no end story of Galaxy X even Samsung Galaxy X will be Super AMOLED display technology OLED sytem technology.

Recently news, came this incredible smartphone will be launching on (2016 to 2017) and many experiece peoples claimed this devices will alrounder hit in the 2017 market,There are not any details about the camera, CPU/GPU, RAM, build in Memory, and the other features of the Galaxy X. However, we may expect something different from the South Korean smartphone manufacturer.

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I have discussed Samsung Galaxy X Launching Unique Foldable Display with incomplete detailed. i guess my next article would be full information about Galaxy X .untill wait for next and as i have share you some rumors might be that’s right because samsung already launched curve screen model in 2015 to 2016. might be next upcoming model would be bendable (fordable) smartphones in the 2017 market, so don’t forget to share this post to your friend and keep connected All Tech Viral.

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