PTA Banned 75 Sim For Spamming NACTA Helpline


PTA Banned 75 Sim For Spamming NACTA Helpline.: Recently, we have come to know some reliable resources some owner Sim number was spamming on National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA). According to the helpline of the terror related complaints. PTA blocked / Banned 75 Sim Card Verified owner for ethical behavior,

In order to the details, the SIMs which were used to call the 1717 hotline of the NACTA is banned permanently by the PTA. The hotline was established for the safety of the citizens and controlling the crime.

PTA Banned 75 Sim For Spamming NACTA Helpline.

PTA Banned 75 Sim For Spamming NACTA Helpline.

For the warning purpose, PTA sent two warning messages to spammers, but spammer didn’t not change their attitude at the end authority Blocked / Banned 75 Sim Card Numbers by the complaint NACTA. most of the time Spammer used vulgar language to call again and again to disturb officials.

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How To Sims Blocked / Banned PTA.

According to Complaint by NACTA sent the spammer’s number to tha PTA,then Authority blocked / banned the network from that’s number who was used misbehaviour attitute to the officials.Moreover, the Counter Terrorism Authority requested the citizens to use the 1717 helpline for the serious issues only.But,

you should to know hotline was established in 2014 for the citizen to report their issue or terror-related complaints to the NACTA.the government also appealed to the citizens to remain careful to report the illegal activities around you,but these types of Spammer annoying just for fun or time pass.

As we know to be part of Pakistani we don’t take serious anything, this kind of reporting system helps to citizen to occur any unlike incident. but most of the time younger call the operator and report it fake incident and hang up the phone just for fun or crack jokes.

While there are many smartphone applications available for the people to block the unwanted and annoying callers, the government departments and the law-enforcement agencies are also in action for blocking the spam callers.

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