Pay Driving License Fee Digitally JazzCash In Sindh 2017

Pay Driving License Fee Digitally JazzCash In Sindh 2017
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As you know your face has already faced that moment when we make our first driving license in our life and face a lot of problems during requirement and another type of hurdles.Now for the Collaboration of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) along with the partner of JazzCash decided to Pay Driving License Fee Digitally JazzCash In Sindh 2017 digital payment to receive facilities for driving license fees all over The Sindh with the supports of Department of Sindh Police.

Pay Driving License Fee Digitally JazzCash In Sindh 2017

Pay Driving License Fee Digitally JazzCash In Sindh 2017

Pay Driving License Fee Digitally JazzCash In Sindh 2017

If anyone wants to apply for a new driving license or renew further they apply in Sindh they will pay their fees through JazzCash would the front channel to interface with customer and NBP will settle the funds.& totally new implement channels.

Pay Driving License Fee Digitally JazzCash In Sindh 2017

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Saeed Ahmed, President – NBP said “This service offers simplification of work. which leads to time-saving, and minimizes book entry errors as everything will be done digitally.

Leveraging the bank’s financial expertise coupled with the strength of JazzCash’s extensive network, we are continuously striving to provide digital solutions to the financial needs of our customer.” K

“This solution has been designed to facilitate drivers across Sindh, so they no longer have to stand in long queues to pay license fees as per the previous arrangement at the Pakistan Post counters,” said Faisal Sattar, Head of Business Services Division, JazzCash

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“As a leading digital company, our customer’s financial services needs take top priority and we continue to strive hard in providing them with the best services,” said Anika Afzal Sandhu – Chief Digital and Financial Services Officer.

The solution will also revamp the driving fee financial reporting and reconciliation mechanism at NBP.  This service has been directly integrated with Sindh Police’s system & the representative at the counter will use JazzCash’s digital solutions to make the payment.

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NBP and JazzCash partnered together in 2015, creating a financial service ecosystem of 1450+ bank branches, 1300+ ATMs and over 70,000 JazzCash retail outlets across Pakistan. This unique combination of strengths of both organizations creates a vast suite of financial services of both branches as well as branchless banking services.


It’s a good initiative from the government of Sindh they are trying to make easier for Pakistani peoples who wish to Renew or create new Driving license.they will not need face problems.especially thanks for Department of Sindh Police.Don’t forget to share this post with your can find this article on Google through driving license fee digitally jazzcash, pay driving license fee digitally, digitally jazzcash in Sindh 2017, fee digitally jazzcash in Sindh, pay driving license fee.


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