Do You Know Pakistan Installing Facial Recognition System At Airport


Do You Know Pakistan Installing Facial Recognition System At Airport .: AS you know Crime rate increasing day by day in every country. there are inventing the new style of Crime.

Logical criminal minded people always think how to Beguilements police or any other secret organisation. Face Identity Called Facial Recognition using almost in every country. That is the reason the facial recognition system is getting popular nowadays. The use of technologies like facial recognition system and biometric scanners is increasing rapidly for security purposes.

Do You Know Pakistan Installing Facial Recognition System At Airport

Do You Know Pakistan Installing Facial Recognition System At Airport

So, Crime rate increase and there is not secure our Airport now in Pakistan, many incidents were already done by the criminal. so Pakistan Security concern decided to use the latest technologies .Facial Recognition Identify in Pakistan and starting from our Airports, where this technology recognise system Identify who has already involved any crime data and what are he doing in AirPort.

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Multiple Media Report

As mentioned by the numerous media Network, the government of Japan has agreed to increase a grant resource for the financial and social improvement application well worth two hundred million Jap Yen equal to around Rs. 205 million to install face recognition systems at airports.

In this regard, Takashi Kurai, the Japanese ambassador to Pakistan signed an agreement with the Economic Affairs Division Secretary, Tariq Bajwa.

According to Mr Kurai, the security enhancement is indispensable for successful socio-economic development in Pakistan. This new kind of security system would increase the safety of the passengers and the staff at the airport.

For the identification of the travellers, Pakistan wants to install this technology at all the airports. After the launch of this service, a significant decrease is expected in the number of crimes related to the illegal travelling, smuggling etc.

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What is a Facial Recognition System?

A facial recognition system is a computer software. It can accurately recognise a person’s face captured using a camera. The software uses a set of facial database to identify a person. Contrary to biometric scanners, a facial recognition system does not require any physical interaction.

The smartphones running on Android or iOS operating system also come with this option of security. In developing countries, this system is already installed at most of the public places, like airports, railway stations, bus terminals, hospitals, and parks. Facial recognition system has more advantages and provides more useful information of a person to the law-enforcement agencies.

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