Do you know How to make Free WhatsApp Video call in Pakistan


Do you know How to make Free WhatsApp Video call in Pakistan.:WhatsApp Messenger is becoming the most favorite and secure social media app after Facebook in the world. WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging service by the people and getting popular day by day due to its updates. Some Updated feature like GIF support, different emoji, and document sharing make it more loveable for the users, and now they feel very comfort while using WhatsApp messenger. But in latest updates, WhatsApp also enable its most awaiting feature that is WhatsApp video calling. Now people can go live with WhatsApp video call for free.

How to make Free WhatsApp Video call in Pakistan

Do you know How to make Free WhatsApp Video call in Pakistan

♦ WhatsApp Free video call is now available in Pakistan:

After getting popularity from all over the world, WhatsApp video calls in now available in Pakistan. Now Pakistani users can make international live WhatsApp video call to their family and friends and can share special moments together.

♦ Install Beta Version of WhatsApp

As free WhatsApp video call is the new update introduces by the WhatsApp messenger officials in Pakistan, therefore, you can only make free WhatsApp live video call in Pakistan on the Beta version. According to officials this video call feature is only available for Beta users, but soon it will also be available for other users who do not use this version.

So, for now, if you want to make video calls on WhatsApp then you need to install Beta Version of it. It is also necessary that both users that want to make a live WhatsApp video call should have WhatsApp Beta version and also has enabled the video call option. If you don’t enable the video call option, then you will only make normal voice calls that you are already making on WhatsApp.

Both the users have to enable video call option. Otherwise, they are not able to do it even on Beta version.

Do you know How to make Free WhatsApp Video call in Pakistan

♦ How to Make Video call on Beta Version of WhatsApp?

If you have a beta version and want to make a video call, then just tap on the call button on the corner and from there select the mode of call that you want to make. Click on voice call if you want to make a WhatsApp voice call and click on Video option if you want to do a video call.

Do you know How to make Free WhatsApp Video call in Pakistan

Warning: It is warning again to you that to make a video call both users need to have a beta version of WhatsApp. This update is not working on WhatsApp application downloaded from Google Play Store.

Click the Following link to download Beta version of WhatsApp.

Download the WhatsApp Application and enjoy live video call with friends and family.


It is all about how to make free WhatsApp video calls in Pakistan. If you face any problem regarding this feel free to contact us, we will try our best to resolve the issue and will help you as much as we can.

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