Lahore Police Catched Students; Involved Hacking Police Servers


Lahore Police Catched Students; Involved Hacking Police Servers.: Today we are here to bring you latest report about Lahore. some of the newbie student situated in Lahore tried to hack Police sensitive servers. almost these students hacked Police server and just was try to open hidden secrets files but police tracked student location and catch them.

Lahore Police Catched Students; Involved Hacking Police Servers (Source Picture From Google Search)

So, according to DIG Operation Haider Ashraf just of few days  ago , have hackers targeted to Police server to under control to copy secret and hidden private data in Lahore.they tried to SQL injection 20 application on police servers.but unfortunately they have unsuccessful because of firewall and much secret protection application installed.

Lahore Police Catched Students; Involved Hacking Police Servers

Lahore Police Catched Students; Involved Hacking Police Servers

After 17 days, the police have finally caught the student hackers. The hackers, namely Abid and Zulqarnain, are the two students at the Information Technology department of the ITU, Lahore.

Interestingly, these students are not cybercriminals. They tried to hack the servers of the police because it was their university assignment. The management of the university permitted the students to hack the police server. The primary reason behind the hacking attempt was to check the security system installed on the Lahore police servers. There was no intention to harm any data.

The students have apologized to the police and promised that they will not do this kind of activity again. Lahore police have forgiven the students and did not register any FIR against them.

Recently Case With My All Tech Viral Tried to Hacking.

Recently, I have faced the same situation with my Domain someone challenged me to hack my server. when I used to not much-protected servers after the deadline they has hacked my server. I know very well what should I do in this situation I have complained about facebook ID to Anti Cybercrime office by This given address Below, they have called me and further make an investigation and permission to ask to catch them from home.after the many thought, I have denied to catch them for think about their family,if I approve so you can thing better. if you have same situation you can email at: Here or directly call as mansion below,

NR3C HEADQUARTERS ( Anti Cyber Crimical Activity ) .

ADDRESS 2nd Floor, National Police FoundationBuilding, Mauve Area, Sector G-10/4, Islamabad, Pakistan.
PHONE +92 51 9106384
FAX +92 51 9106383


ADDRESS 4th Floor, FIA Building, 1st Temple Road, Lahore, Punjab.
PHONE +92 42 99203047 – 48
FAX +92 42 37323041


ADDRESS 1st Floor ,FIA Building (Near Darul Sehat Hospital),Block 14,Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi.
PHONE +92 21-99249650
FAX +92 21-99249651
PABAX +92 21-99249652


ADDRESS Opposite RMI Hospital, Phase-5,Hayatabad, Peshawar, KPK.
PHONE +92 91 9217109


ADDRESS Al-Zahir Plaza, New Iqbal Town, Express Way, Islamabad.
PHONE +92 51 2612280


ADDRESS NR3C/FIA, Banglaw No. 410/180 near City School Opposite Crescent Public School, City School Road Jinnah Town Quetta
PHONE +92 81 2870057


I have discussed Lahore Police Catched Students; Involved Hacking Police Servers with this live example for all student they have crazy to become the hacker . it’s not easy and not legal Abid and Zulfiqar was lucky they live in Pakistan otherwise, they live out of the country they have to pay in the shape of 2 5 years Lockup. cyber crime is series crime recently I have come to know if anyone purely involved in Cybercriminal according to a pakistan law they will have to pay 10 years lockup and 50 lack Rupees for punishment, so please keep away this activity because your respect behind your Parents respect.

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