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Kaymu Planning Merging into Daraz.: As we know Kaymu And Daraz are huge online Pakistani shopping portal.where people’s purchasing trusted environment.

recently we have come to know some reliable resources both company kaymu and Daraz are going to merging together and publishing both brand name into Asia,except in Bangladesh and Pakistan where both companies operate under own logo brand names.

Kaymu Planning Merging into Daraz

So, Both companies decide this decision centralised team under the same root in Karachi.and both daraz and kaymu have agreed to join forces with passion.Bharke Mikkelsen owner of daraz.

He said there is huge plan in future when both companies work together and get another competitor share as already working online shopping portal in Pakistan with unique strategy with best services.Also,

Bjarke said Kaymu and daraz got much trust in a lot of peoples and successful operation in their respective market.

Kaymu Planning Merging into Daraz

hence,other smaller vendor will also wish to combine or marge with us in future, while Daraz will serve as a premium place for more established brands and companies.

He agreed that both Daraz and Kaymu could be merged into one, like elsewhere in Asia.but both companies are worlds apart when it comes to reputation and performance.

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Daraz CEO wasn’t sure if Kaymu is destined to hit the quits and ultimately merge into Daraz, but said that it could be one of the possible outcomes down the line.

While experts are calling the move right-sizing, there are others who think that Rocket Internet is shifting its focus on better-performing brands while scrapping the ones that weren’t doing as well.

There’s been currently no word on layoffs but since operations are merging we can expect some hiccups down the line.

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