KaLa Jadu Black Magic Launched

KaLa Jadu Black Magic Launched
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Kala Jadu Black Magic Launched Online Tutorial in Pakistan: Black Magic (Kala Judu) Is the worst magic in the world where you can do anything through Black Mulkil (Black Soul).But Last Pakistan Was under 10 in worst countries in the world than the second year in the row for Internet freedom due to controversial policies. Is our government are sleeping Is our PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

KaLa Jadu Black Magic Launched Online Tutorial in Pakistan

KaLa Jadu Black Magic Launched Online Tutorial in Pakistan
KaLa Jadu Black Magic Launched Online Tutorial in Pakistan

I am talking about none other than widely available and uncensored sites that provide a tutorial for Kala Jadu or Black Magic.Introducing Twitter New Look web & Mobile Soon 2017

Shocked ? This is a very serious issue in Pakistan that requires immediate attention and blocked those site who offers black magic (Kala Jadu) online with the live tutorial.These we always know on news Pakistan is a Terrorist country now after the freely opened Black Magic Website now more countries will blame on us it’s also an involved in Wrong path way.

All it takes is to put the Kala Jadu keyword in the Google and BAAM! you have thousands of disturbing results at your disposal.you see dostifun website

Last year, the country passed a controversial cybercrime law which has become the talk of the town since its inception. Undoubtedly, but they are so few that we can count them on our fingertips. Recently, the new member of PTI, Firdous Ashiq Awan has also filed a complaint.How To Faster Smartphone By Cleaner App Android Clean Master

(Kala Jadu )Black Magic Websites Online 

  • Kallajado(dot)blogpost
  • powerfulwitchcraft(dot)com
  • amliyataweez(dot)blogpost
  • https://kallajado.blogspot.com/p/bukhoors.html

These sites give us guilty our Pakistani peoples if we are watching this website and don’t report to PTA.Unsurprisingly,

Google Maps also shares locations of the said places that match the “Kala Jadu” keyword which really expresses the daunting situation.

PTA has the authority to ban any content that it sees obscene in nature but just as this year’s social media blasphemy case, no action has been taken by the authority on its own.

According to Telecom Policy 2015, PTA is in-charge for blocking any content on the internet. It can thus manage and monitor any such material that comes into conflict with the principles of the Islamic way of life.eve, you can find kala jadu black magic website through these keywords kala jadu black magic launched, black magic launched online tutorial, jadu black magic launched online, launched online tutorial in Pakistan, magic launched online tutorial.


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