Improve And Increase Your WiFi Speed [How To]

Improve And Increase Your WiFi Speed [How To]
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Improve And Increase Your WiFi Speed [How To].: There are many peoples are using Wifi technology in Home and office its call local network. but mostly peoples claim and complain there is very wifi internet speed >? are you also suffering in WIFI Internet Speed so don’t worry you are in right place I will share you most effective and easy steps for you secure and speed up your Wifi Internet speed and 100% improve your local wifi network.

Improve And Increase Your WiFi Speed [How To]

So,there is very simple and easy method to boost up your wifi speed and enjoy with your new high-speed Internet speed through  improved and speed up Wifi network,

Improve And Increase Your WiFi Speed [How To].

  1. Reboot Your Router With Restore Factory.

    how to reboot your router ? so its quite simple and easy every router has the option to restore factory your router that removes your all cache and all old settings and completely clears up your router as the first time you are using. you just need to press button through any pin or stick “Restart” just hold that button for few second and you will see automatically your router will reboot and changed into the orignal setting.

  2. Increase your Wi-Fi Range with DIY Tricks.

    Increase your Wi-Fi Range with DIY Tricks

    There are unique and effective tricks to boost up your signal strength about 1X into 3 need to just aluminum wrap paper and put up your antenna on aluminum paper and see the result in your router configuration signal graph,

  3. Protect Your Wifi From Hackers.

    Beware from hacker might be your slowness your wifi speed reason behind while keeping your secure your wifi with the strong password that has the number and Big and Small alphabets. : For Example All Tech Viral*1*.

  4. Get Rid of Interference from Other Appliances.

    Get Rid of Interference from Other Appliances

    Protect your wifi speed and stay away from any electronic thinks such as Microwave , codeless phone,other appliances that create any disturbance for signal interruption,

  5. Find The Right Wireless Channel.

    Find The Right Wireless Channel

    If you are using shared WIFI internet and given connection neighbors. that also create signal disturbance then you need to change GHZ and keep unique GHZ.whenever if you need to any third party Analyzer by name Wi-Fi Analyzer to find your better and desired channel for you router.

  6. Turn Your Old Router Into Repeater.

    Turn Your Old Router Into Repeater

    The repeater is a device that is used to repeats the signal with boosted strength and you can use your old router as a repeater and your wifi signals can now transmit to higher distance and you can experience high-speed internet with full signal strength.

    1. wi-fi range with diy tricks
  7. Locate The Perfect Spot For Your Router.

    Improve And Increase Your WiFi Speed [How To]

    Its also best tricks to boost your WIFI signal do like this as given instruction in this picture. it will definitely improve your WIFI signal and speed up your internet speed.


So I have discussed Improve And Increase Your WiFi Speed [How To] with this unique and tested best tricks if you follow properly your will get boost your internet and wifi speed 100%.if you have any query regarding article ask me freely and don’t forget to share this post with your friends. and keep connected with All Tech Viral.

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