Huawei Developing Operating System LiteOs Own SmartPhone


The Huawei Chines  Based Large-Scale business technology company in the world which provides better and best gadgets for the simple human life. Recently, The Rumors came to some reliable resources Huawei Developing Operating System LiteOs Own SmartPhone.

Huawei Developing Operating System LiteOs Own SmartPhone

Huawei does not want to be in the Part of Android anymore. Hence, Huawei has been working on a new major update for Android customization layer. EMUI operating system in its version 5.0, looking for a Western approach. It’s well known Emotion UI ROM has been enjoying greater popularity recently and now seems to be facing a big change.

Huawei Developing Operating System LiteOs

According to the Confirm update, there is a team working on the development of this operating system (OS) that includes former Nokia employees and is located in a Scandinavian country.

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Abigail Sarah Brody

Huawei Developing Operating System LiteOs Own SmartPhone-2

Huawei is also taking a decision to hire creator director of Apple Abigail Brody who stand up Apple Smartphones Image in the market. But, currently Abigail Brody is the Chief UX Designer & Vice President of Huawei. Device & Consumer and according to her own Linkedin profile for a decade worked on the design and user experience applications at Cupertino and even for iOS 1, the first operating system of the iPhone.

As we all know that this company has always created its own approach to Android, like many other Chinese smartphone manufacturers.

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Considering the current prototype EMUI 4.1, as well as most of its predecessors, this will constitute a major change for the company.

which has traditionally opted for structures more advanced and complex systems for the navigation menu.

According to the head of the mobile division of Huawei, Li Changzhou, “this recent encouragement to the simplicity of the user interface is made to match better with Western customers”.

However, Mr Changzhu also added that “this user interface will not affect the functionality or customization capabilities, which has always been an important part of the popularity of EMUI”.

But, it is unknown at the moment if Huawei will have its “plan B” in secret for when they need or bring forward some products into the markets with that operating system as it does with Samsung Tizen OS in India and other developing countries.

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EmotionUI 5.0

Moreover, the EmotionUI 5.0 Is expected to be presented sometime during Q3 2016, which will probably coincide with the IFA 2016 in Berlin and, in all likelihood, a new device will be released as a new carrier for this new operating system also.

The tech giant Samsung is the first company to support a different operating system Android, and now Samsung launching its own smartwatch models and bracelets with Tizen OS, relegating Android Wear. In addition, the company has also challenged Google in another segment, mobile payment, launching Samsung Pay, instead of waiting for the arrival of Android Pay.

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