How To Increase Pendrive USB Data Transfer Speed 2016


How To Increase Pendrive USB Data Transfer Speed 2016.: As you know Very well Pendrive is a tool which we can move our data through Pendrive to PC to another PC easily,but currently, there is 3.0 version available in the market in Pendrive that much faster than 2.0,but if you have 2.0 version and want to increase Pendrive data transfer we have the solution to faster your Pendrive.

Pendrive USB Data Transfer Speed. As many of them claim that their pen drive has very slow data transfer speed which can even drop to kilobytes. So today we are here with the solution of this issue. In this post, we have a method to Increase Pendrive Data Speed and by applying this method you can boost up your data transfer speed and it can be up to 50-100 Mbps according to your system processor capacity. Just read out the below post to proceed

How To Increase Pendrive USB Data Transfer Speed 2016

How To Increase Pendrive USB Data Transfer Speed 2016

So, there are many factors to slow down your Pendrive while transferring data speed.we will be targeting all the factors to Increase Pendrive Data Transfer Speed. Firstly have a look at the different factors that can affect the data transfer speed.

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Steps 1 Enhance Pendrive Data Transfer Speed

  •  First of all,  you need to Plug-in Pendrive into your computer or Laptop.
  •  Then right click on your pen drive menu will show.
  • Then choose format drive you need to format the drive to increase speed.
  • Then select the NTFS file system and unchecked the Quick format option.
  • Now click on  start button for Formation your Pendrive.
  • Now your file system is changed you will much greater data transfer speed.

Note:- Before formatting the pendrive you must have  to take the backup of your data Because formatting will lost your all data.

Steps 2 “ Enhance Pendrive Data Transfer Speed

  • 1. Plug in your drive and right click on your Drive.
    2. Select the properties option from the popup menu.
  • 3. Select the hardware tab from the next wizard.
  • 4. Now a list of drives in shown in hardware tab.
  • 5. Now select your drive and click on the properties button.
  • 6. Now Go to the General Tab and click on change setting button.
  • 7. Select the policies tab from the next wizard.
  • 8. Now select the better performance radio button.
  • Press Ok and Enjoy your Fastest Transfer Pendrive Prepared.

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More Tips:-

  • Replace your Pendrive 2.0 into 3.0 version
  • Format your Pendrive at least one in the month.
  • Check the drive for bad sector errors.
  • Checking Bad sector .Right click on Pendrive >> Then select properties >> Then select the tools tab >> Click on check now button.


I have discussed How To Increase Pendrive Data Transfer Speed 2016 with this unique and simplest procedure you can increase your Pendrive (USB) speed much faster than previous,this tips has been tested by me and more than 100 peoples 100% success rate (positive response), however, if you have any query regarding article ask me freely by comments below, and don’ forget to share this post with your friends.Keep Connected All Tech Viral

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