Google Launching Video Guides Review Maps Feature

Google Launching Video Guides Review Maps Feature
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Google Launching Video Guides Review Maps Feature: google always bring/launches great features to the users to more easier way to find out any desire location locally.In this New Google Map video feature allows users to submit videos up to 30 seconds in length Video clip As per TechCrunch. Google made the feature available a couple weeks ago without much fanfare, but it’s now notifying users via email this project called Local guides program.

Google Launching Video Guides Review Maps Feature

According to google this feature, only photos could be attached to locations on Google Maps. People are already used to a short video format on personal networks to share glimpses into restaurants, hotels, or landmark destinations. It makes sense that now, you’d also be able to highlight, say, a restaurant’s trademark table side dish being prepped with a short clip on Google Maps.

Google Launching Video Guides Review Maps Feature.

How it Works.

The process is simple enough, being integrated into the already-available “Add a photo” option which comes up after you’ve selected a place in Maps.

Rather than simply taking a photo, users can hold the shutter key for up to 10 seconds to upload a video instead.

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Upon holding, they’ll see a prompt saying “New! Hold for video.”. Alternatively, users will also be able to tag along a 30-second video they’ve recorded previously of the place.

To record or upload videos to Google Maps, you’ll have to search for and select a place in Google Maps (this is Android-only for now, as far as we can see), scroll down and tap “add a photo,” tap the “Camera” icon and then hold the shutter to record (or you can upload a short video, too).

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Available on Google Maps now.

The feature is already rolling out to Google Maps users throughout the globe. It is currently available only on Maps for Android as of now, though, it should come to other platforms sooner rather than later.


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