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Google Announced To Increase Revenue Android App Developers.: Today we are here to share you about the most viral segment where Pakistani people’s growing too much fast. Recently Apple has announced to the new revenue sharing policy for its app developers.the policed generated upcoming users can get 85% of the money for developers iOS based Apps.

Google Announced To Increase Revenue Android App Developers.

So, After the Apple step now Google also going to run on the same pace.Now Android developers apps able to get 85% of the revenue.that will make it when any customer purchases apps.

Google Announced To Increase Revenue Android App Developers.

So, After the 85% detection, Google will get 15% of the revenue.But Google’s policy does not need an app developer to make the user keep paying for at least one year before getting this offer. Instead, the service will be available without any delay.

Presently, Both of companies Apple And Google offering 70% share if anyone want to sell their app on Apple Store and google play store.but after the new policy app developers also happy to announced both’s company decision about increase percentage radio.however, there is no official confirmation yet for the latest update.

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Both Companies. Apple And Google considering and engaged apps maker to developer new interesting apps for both’s companies platform.but as you know Competition is very huge.might be next updated would be different and but it confirmed Google and Apple targeted to generate more Apps for the own platform.

Microsoft News.

So. if we talk about Apple And Google we should not underestimate of Microsoft Windows programmers.comparatively Android and iOs much usable and running apps then Microsoft apps. because Android and Apple Provide many of apps free for a cost for the customer.but Microsoft we have to buy apps. that’s why Microsoft phone minimum demand in Pakistan as well as our countries.

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The app Developers now spending lots of time to creating and good apps.but unfortunately, some people don’t purchase their apps legally. Instead, they just download a pirated copy from one of the illegal websites available openly on the internet.

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