Google Adsense Urdu Language Now Supports Officially

Google Adsense Urdu Language Now Supports Officially

Google Adsense Urdu Language Now Supports Officially
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Hi, there is good news for bloggers/website/blogs or another type of Urdu developed website. now Google Adsense now officially supports the Urdu language in the own platform.Google Adsense Urdu Language Now Supports Officially help for those peoples who developed a website in Urdu because previously Google Adsense Does not support this language now they can apply for Adsense freely for website/blog.Google has clearly Announced that it has included “Urdu” as officially Supported languages for its Adsense program.

Google Adsense Urdu Language Now Supports Officially

Google Adsense Urdu Language Now Supports Officially
Google Adsense Urdu Language Now Supports Officially

With this new development, all those Urdu websites — in Urdu fonts — will be allowed to display Adsense ads and earn money with them.

Is Google Adsense Allow All Urdu Related Website?

For those who don’t know, Urdu publishers were yet not allowed to display Adsense ads. There were, however, exceptions as some select (relatively bigger) publishers were allowed to use Adsense for content monetization.

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If you are not familiar, Adsense is a Google platform that websites and publishers use to display ads on their websites. When users click on Adsense ads or view ads, publishers are paid on a pay per click or pay per view basis.

Is Google Adsense Display on Urdu Ads Unit Now?

Google said that it included Urdu as supported language after recent uptake of Urdu content on the internet.

The company has said that Urdu language websites can now apply for Adsense accounts and are encouraged to check their terms of services before applying to make sure that their chances of getting accepted into the program are higher.

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With this new decision, it is now likely that a lot of Urdu websites will be able to monetize their content and hence a growth in Urdu websites and its usage is just imminent

How Can Urdu Languages website For Adsense? 

This is a very simple method just go to the AdSense site here and apply for a publisher just filled a simple form and submit for will take few times or few days.

Google Adsense Urdu Language Now Supports

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I have discussed Good news for Bloggers / Blog or Urdu languages related website who previously can not apply for Adsense because Adsense program does not support “Urdu” Languages.Now officially Google Adsense program has announced Urdu languages program for all publisher who developed an urdu website.But. Rules and regulation are applied for approval as meet their quality.

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