Galaxy S7 Control Music Edge Panel With Edge Screen


Once again after the many days with bring for you about Galaxy S7 Control Music Edge Panel With Edge Screen. As you know Samsung introduced The dual-curved display with many customizable options with 9 different edge panels.after the a lots of unique thinks you can more install third-party panels like “Music Edge Panel.where you can control music on your edge screen easily also this offer for not only Galaxy S7. you can add-on Galaxy S6 edge with Android Marshmallow.

Galaxy S7 Control Music Edge Panel With Edge Screen

So, After the a lots discussion about Music Edge first, you need to know before to using this edge panel you need to install “Edge Player” app on your smartphone. which will add music edge panel in your smartphone by the very thankful for XDA Hy Mx dev.

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Galaxy S7 Control Music Edge Panel With Edge Screen

Here we are sharing you installing procedure and Edge panel function below you just need to follow proper although as given instruction below.

Steps #

  • 1. First of all, you need to Download Edge Player app apk [HERE] and install in your devices.
  • 2. Then.Go to the edge Main panel and click the edit option (en icon) were already installed edge panel.
  • 3. Now simply Click the button “change notification permission
  • 4. Allow “Edge Player” to get access to your notification.
  • 5. Go back and verify the “Notification Access” checkbox is checked.
  • 6. Start your favorite music app and control it from the side.
  • Enjoy with simpler and easier music.
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I have discussed Galaxy S7 Control Music Edge Panel With Edge Screen with simple and easy steps where you can control your music on the main screen. is it helpful ? don’t forget to share this post with your friends.and keep connected with All Tech Viral

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