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How To Fix Firefox Crashing In Windows.: As you know in the meantime Firefox is the one of the maximum famous and function rich web browser. this is available for windows platform additionally. although Firefox runs smoothly without any mistakes in it on every platform on which it’s far available but this browser does not run alike for all of the customers on occasion.the various customers folks that are the usage of this browser on home windows has said the crashing troubles with this browser.For folks who are dealing with this problem. they’re at the proper vicinity.

How To Fix Firefox Crashing In Windows

As there can be many reasons that would be causing the crash issue,consequently for distinctive issues there are unique answers that you can try.beneath are the one-of-a-kind solutions that you could try to remedy this trouble.

How To Fix Firefox Crashing In Windows

#1 Firefox crashes at begin-up

If the Firefox browser crashes whenever you begin it, then to clear up this problem you could first test whether or not the equal happens in secure mode or no longer. And if a problem is still no longer solved then you can try and reinstall the browser and check whether it really works or not. If each those steps do nothing for then you  may attempt the opposite approach that follows under.

#2 replace the software

check whether or not your browser is up to date or no longer and if it does not then replace it and spot if it nevertheless crashes.If the browser nevertheless crashes then test that all your plug-ins which you are using with your browser are up to date and if no longer then replace them all.If this method has worked for then you definitely you can revel in surfing but if no longer then you definitely have to go for another way this is given below.

#3 update home windows and Drivers

if your windows or the drivers of the windows aren’t up to date then it may additionally motive the Firefox to can feel it very lengthy process to update each driver and update the windows to simply clear up the issue with your browser although you may use another browser on its location.however for people who doesn’t locate some other browser that much appropriate they can replace the windows and their drivers on windows.this could truly solve the crashing issues with Firefox.

#4 replace internet security and take a look at for Virus

Your browser is probably malfunctioning due to the Viruses that might be causing your home that you also can test your entire device for virus.this may additionally remedy the Firefox crashing.

#5 Firefox in safe Mode

click on shift even as starting the Firefox browser to your home windows and in order to open Firefox
secure mode conversation.whilst the conversation field seems to press the ‘start in secure Mode’ button.After that, the browser will start in safe mode.If the Firefox doesn’t crash in safe mode then it’s miles most likely that your browser becomes crashing earlier than because of an extension,subject or hardware could then try and troubleshoot the extensions,subject matters, and hardware acceleration to remedy it.

#6 test RAM

you can also take a look at the RAM for mistakes in it by using Memtest86+ tool because the errors in RAM may additionally be the reason for Firefox crashes.

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I have discussed How To Fix Firefox Crashing In Windows with this method you can save your browser from Any crashing issue in Firefox also. it will faster search ability. I’m confident by this article you can solve your issue.whenever if your problem persists you can contact me by comments below and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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