Facebook Secret Conversation Messenger: Here how to do that


Facebook Secret Conversation Messenger: Here how to do that.: Hello, Folks! Hope you all are good and doing well. Today I am going to discuss the new feature that is introduced by the Facebook Messenger which is known as Secret Conservation.Now you can do a secret chat with your friend without any fear as messenger cares about your privacy more than you.Facebook Messenger introduces a new feature through which you can now send encrypted messages to your friend, and no one can read that message.

Yes, it’s true guys! No one can read your messages even the employees of the company cannot read that.

Facebook Secret Conversation Messenger

Facebook Secret Conversation Messenger
Facebook Secret Conversation Messenger

Encrypted message technique is not new as it is already used by world best mobile social applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and iMessage.

But it is the first time that Facebook introduces this feature for the messenger users so that they can relax and feel secure.I am going to tell you how to make this encrypted conversation.

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♦ How to identify encrypted message?

The first and most important thing that you need to know is how you can identify that which message is encrypted and which is not.

To identify an encrypted message in Facebook messenger is not a rocket science, you can simply differentiate between encrypted and non-encrypted messages.

If you got a message having title someone has sent you a message than that will be the encrypted message as the non-encrypted message will show the name of the person who sent you a message.

♦ How to use encrypted messages option?

If you want to send end to end encrypted message to your friend, then the first thing you need is the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed on both users.

One more important thing about encrypted messages is that you can see those messages on one device from where you send that. You won’t be able to see or check that message on the web version of Facebook.

♦ What are Device keys?

You need device keys to unlock the encryption and to see which message is encrypted or not. Comparison of device keys determine which conversation is encrypted and which is not. For this purpose start a secret conversation with your friend and tap his/her name on the top and after that click the device keys option.

After this, you can compare your keys with your friend keys, if they match it means your conversation is encrypted and if do not match that mean conversation is not encrypted.

♦ How to start Secret or encrypted conversation?

Open Facebook Messenger and go into messenger conversation. There you can see an icon looks like “I” on the top left corner of the messenger. From there you can turn on the secret conversation and can start end to end encrypted conversation.


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