Facebook Messenger Launched FootBall Game For User’s

Facebook Messenger Launched FootBall Game For User’s
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As you know Facebook messenger is good way,where we can chat or share any images and video with our friends,so per interest of Facebook messenger recently introduced secret and hidden mini-game for all users. that would you play goes addict.if you are using the old version you need to update your facebook messenger into the latest version.which is Available on iOS , Google Play Store easily.so our topic is also shared you Facebook Messenger Launched FootBall Game For User’s.

Facebook Messenger Launched FootBall Game For User’s

So,Facebook user can enjoy with UEFA Euro 2016 Championship in your Mobile app.this app design as football that makes you addict and more interesting to play.you can play it whenever your friend offline. your time will pass easily.the mini game highly graphics and tournament style you can play with your friends too.

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Facebook Messenger Launched FootBall Game For User’s

Facebook Messenger Launched FootBall Game For User’s

how To Start

Just you need to play this game with tournament send the ⚽️ to your any friend,then tap on it to start playing.The more times you tap the ball to “keep it in the air”, the more points you will get. Your high score will be shared with the friend or friends you’re playing within the Messenger conversation. Enjoy!”

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However, football lovers, don’t expect the game to be too innovative because the interface is simple, all you have to do in this game is trying to keep the football in the air as long as you can, the game will become difficult as the level progresses. To exit the game users just have to press the “Back” button and they will be back to the messenger. Unfortunately, there is no pause system in the game. You have to quit it.

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Users have to update their Facebook Messenger app to the latest version in order to play the game. We had recently seen Facebook messenger for android announced SMS integration and we also saw Messenger recently introduced to 1,500 new emojis to the app. So Facebook messenger is going on an uprise in recent time.

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