Facebook Facing Censors Issue Man Live Suicide


Facebook Facing Censors Issue Man Live Suicide.:Live streaming feature of Facebook provide a new platform to the people to share their feeling and important thing of their life. This feature is now used on a large scale and gets popular in days.Live Streaming feature has its importance, but it creates censor issue for the Facebook. It looks like Facebook is not able to censor Live Streaming videos.

Facebook Facing Censors Issue Man Live Suicide

This issue gets more importance when a Person from Turkey Puts a gun on his chest and shoot himself during the live streaming on Facebook two days before in front of many people.

Facebook Facing Censors Issue Man Live Suicide

When he shot himself during live streaming, mobile fell from his hand, and the screen gets black but his voice of choking on his blood can be heard, and that was so disturbing.

Now the question is that how many people watch this horrible, disturbing live suicide video, and this question arises because Facebook fails to censor this video.

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Too Many people watched this video because the video is there on the user’s profile for two days and Facebook did nothing regarding this. The video got thousands of shares and gone viral even on other platforms like YouTube. The live Streaming Facebook suicide was not taken out from the user’s profile since last afternoon.

It looks that Now Facebook has a lot of work to do on his censor policy and need to take some serious step on it.

In past 2012 Facebook privacy policy was leaked about the censoring of visual content in which we can see a detail list of removed visual content. It includes that Facebook did not allow female showing Nipples, people going Bathrooms. Blood, Crushed limbs, and heads are allowed to show until no inner things are showing.

But it looks like that all those rules are not applied to live streaming feature of Facebook that is shared aggressively. Following such live suicide incidents, we cannot believe that the world’s biggest social media has all thing under his control.

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