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As you know I have already discussed many times About EasyPaisa about Easypaisa Bring Services EasyPay NFC Payments.once again there is good new for all sender’s and happy to know Easypaisa bring and launched buyer protection Services by name Escrow Payment services in Pakistan for more protection and more reliable payment services in Pakistan. in this service maximum benefits for “Buyer Protection,”you are reading the new article about EasyPaisa Bring Buyer Protection Escrow Payment Service.

EasyPaisa Bring Buyer Protection Escrow Payment Service

So,The Service mission is  boosting online e-commerce transactions in an environment such a trusted deficit between buyers and sellers.mostly all easy paisa transaction on E-commerce about 95% peoples believes on COD (Cash on Delivery) often customers does not trust on online store pay by CC (Credit Card) , MC (MasterCard).

EasyPaisa Bring Buyer Protection Escrow Payment Service

However,With Escrow payments, services buyers can now pay online in advance and raise a dispute in case of any issues to get a refund.

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EasyPaisa Bring Buyer Protection Escrow Payment Service

Service Mechanics In 13 valid Point for Easypaisa and Customers

  1. Now Customer can make payment thru Easypay services on an online store and E-commerce.
  2. Benefits ,.Funds are withheld with EasyPay for 7 days after the delivery.
  3. If the customer finds an issue or a problem with delivery they can raise dispute objection with EasyPay to claim for a refund easily.
  4. To raise a dispute, the customer will have to fill the dispute from (shipped along with the product) within 24 hours after receiving product and email the copy of that checklist at buyer.protection@telenor.com.pk in case product is damaged or has defect upon its delivery. that situation easy paisa customer services has to refund you.
  5. From the point when dispute is raised, the merchant will have 7 days to resolve the dispute with customer where customer may agree and settle for product exchange or refund
  6. The merchant may call customer for clarification and resolution and both parties shall document their response to the same email thread, which was initiated by EasyPay upon opening up of the dispute
  7. If no settlement is reached between customer and the merchant within the 7 day dispute resolution time period phase 1, then the case is escalated to the Easypay buyer protection dispute resolution committee and phase 2 of resolution is initiated
  8. Dispute resolution committee will have 7 days to investigate and shall go through the entire email thread and see the evidence to make a decision
  9. The dispute resolution committee will reply on the same thread acknowledging customer and the merchant about the decision and also give the justification for it
  10. In case merchant doesn’t actively respond on the email thread in the given time frame, then dispute shall go in customer’s favour
  11. If customer’s dispute is right, funds shall be revered to him/her following Easypay reversal process
  12. If merchant is right, customer shall keep the product and funds will be released to the merchant
  13. Delivery disputes can also be raised if shipment is not received within 5 days delivery time period

Please note :  decision of Easypay dispute resolution committee will be deemed final and may not be challenged by either buyer or merchant in the court of law.

Easypay’s Escrow service is an opt-in facility meaning that not all merchants (online stores) may offer the service.

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I have discussed latest news about EasyPaisa Bring Buyer Protection Escrow Payment Service with this its more benefits both of players Custermers and Easypaisa now customer can purchasing online E-commernce store with trusted envoirement COD (cash on delivery) would be for limited steps or untrusted peoples. in the light of this steps really its freely and unfraudulant situation,

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