Counter Strike 1.6 Now Played on Android Download


Counter Strike 1.6 Now Played on Android Download.: Today we are here to once of best and famous games going to discussion Counter.the nostalgic sport has been ported by Android developer entirely. however, you are not able to down load this sport on the Play keep because it isn’t always the legitimate(official version). the developer has put the APK on the game to be had online.

Counter Strike 1.6 Now Played on Android Download

So,as you know this games work and run perfectly on the computer using all keyboards keys and mouse but how to control Android? then Omarev prepaid unique coding especially for android devices for Counter Strike 1.6 in order to make it run on Android devices.How to Run Counter Strike on Android devices.

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LEARN – Counter Strike 1.6 Now Played on Android Download

  • 1.Steps, First of all, you have to Download the APK of the game, you will see two different APK files shows on the site, first is for the smartphone with multi-core chipset and another one is for single core chipset smartphones.
  • 2.Steps Then go to the 2nd steps ,you need to install Xash3D APK file.
  • 3.Steps After doing above two steps on your PC, head over to Steam directory where you have installed the game and then copy these folders, strike & valve. After that paste them in Xash folder in the smartphone’s SD card.
  • 4.Steps now launch CS16Client on your device.
  • 5.Steps Done it enjoy 😀


I have discussed above Counter Strike 1.6 Now Played on Android Download with the little bit complicated step but if you follow as mansion I have above definitely you will run CS on your android devices easily,whenever if you have any query regarding article ask me freely by comments below.don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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