Best Fitness Apps 4 Android That Will Help You To Get In Shape


Do you wish to keep healthy in your life ? do you want to enjoy to every moment of life so you have to fit your health first because winter is on many peoples does not care their life in this season so today i have solution for you best guide in your home Best Fitness Apps 4 Android That Will Help You To Get In Shape .which is sure to give you some good exercises and helps maintain a good lifestyle.

Best Fitness Apps 4 Android That Will Help You To Get In Shape

Best Fitness Apps 4 Android That Will Help You To Get In Shape

If the mobile device applications already helping ourselves to organize on a daily basis or with our finances, it is not surprising that for those planning to get in shape, either with special diets or exercises. So have a look on this application which will help you to stay in shape.

#1 Google Fit- Fitness Tracking

The app is from Google inc. the befits of this app is that it track any activity that you perform holding the phone. For example, If you walk / run and do whatever things throughout the day it keeps the records. It also gives real-time status for runs, walks, and rides which help to stay motivated on the field. This is the must have app if you are looking for a fitness tracking app.

#2 7 Minute Workout

This app provides us the exercises based on the study of Mc Master University, Hamilton, Ontario and it comes up with a virtual trainer that motivates you. This is the perfect app for those who are looking for losing weight as soon as possible. This provides the 7-minute training per day and it allows you to train your Abs, chest, thighs, and legs. It had the complete set of exercises that are very popular in terms to loose weight fast.

#3 RunKeeper

The RunKeeper is the perfect app for those who like to run, one of the most popular category. You can easily make pre-planned exercises as well as fitness training to follow on a regular basis. It records information about your activities, and shows detailed statistics, distance traveled, a time taken to complete the run and even your heart rate during exercise.

#4 Pocket Yoga

Wants more yoga training? This one is for you. This is simply a yoga instructor, It gives you positions, sequences and exercises according to each body part it divide each yoga into levels must every level had alternate duration to follow. It contains over 200 illustrated posed images that will guide you throughout each session. It also tracks your progress report.


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